CHIENMEI GAS APPLIANCE FACTORY was established as a professional manufacturer for camping gas appliance in Hong Kong from 1963. In 1987, the factory was moved to Jiangmen city in Guangdong and developed the range for outdoor living (camping and garden gas appliance).

With more than 40 years collective experience, CHIENMEI keeps pursuing excellence in the expanding industry, priding herself with improving manufacturing capability, program flexibility, high-tech performance, high quality, attractive pricing, superior service , that the products have become a best-seller all around the world.

The product specializes in Camping, Garden leisure and BBQ that are camping stoves, camping lanterns, camping portable heaters, patio heaters, garden torch, garden light, barbecued stoves, and other hardware, such as coffee pots, folding tables, thermometers, gas valves etc. They now have passed the approvals towards worldly countries, such as AGA for Oceania countries, CE for European countries and CSA for North American countries, and highly welcome to U.S.A., Canada, Europe (U.K., Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Finland, etc.), Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia and Middle east, etc.

Besides the selling products, CHIENMEI teams are always ready for various of OEM & ODM projects. You can rest at ease that, as you look to your current and future needs, CHIENMEI will be right there with you!

CHIENMEI, best idea for outdoor living...
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