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RUBBER WITH PLASTIC MAKING FACTORY is one of subordinate manufacturer of CHIEN MEI Industry Enterprises . We base on general technology and powerful making capacity to develop multiple series high quality products as plastic wheels, rubber casters, special plastic (rubber) floor protections, plastic (rubber) impact-resistances and various plastic (rubber) parts or finished products. We also implement different type development for new product research, innovation and final making of technologies. It is always introduced advantage equipments, update producing skill, special material with process etc. to guarantee all products at high quality level so that customers use it in convenience and easily. On different occasions, our products are obviously shown abrasion-resistance, impact-resistance, anti-corrosion, low temperature-resistance, high temperature-resistance, movable anti-mark and nice protection with floor and so on, and are very popular for global markets, numerously used on various industrial offices/manufactures fields and family furnitures. Our wheels with casters series products are leader in the field with excellent quality and high yield. We also supply cost-effective product-specific support on market requirement, as well as more OEM/ODM projects with new tooling proposals, and we are renowned in the industry for our variety products and personalized custom services.
Plastic Making: More type jet machines are ready to make different profiles, high precision plastic parts.
Rubber Making: Vulcanized Machine, Open Mill, mixing rolls machine are ready to produce many types rubber accessories.

We insist essential principle that good quality running is for development, benefit is from strict management. It continuously perfect quality system of production making, carry out every segment at good quality control that is keeping eternal running spirit for a enterprise. It must be carefully implemented each clause of ISO documentation that need to inspect every process one by one pass in order to supply best-selling, customer assured products.
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